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A testament to unwavering dedication to quality

Founded in 2020, our distillery is a true pioneer in the world of gin. Our expert distillers, Lana and Maja, have been with us since the beginning, developing the unique organoleptic signature that sets The Artisan apart as a premium product.

It’s no surprise that The Artisan has quickly become one of the most sought-after gins in the world, achieving top rankings and prestigious awards, including the “2021 Bartender Spirits Awards Gold” and the “2020 IWSC Quality Award”.

What makes our gin truly exceptional is our use of cold vacuum distillation – a process that sets us apart from all other distilleries in Croatia and the world. By combining pine berries with carefully balanced herbs and spices from local Croatian OPGs, we create a distillate that is unrivaled in its depth of flavor and aroma.

But it’s our cold distillation process that truly sets us apart. Unlike other distilleries that use traditional methods with high temperatures, we use a pump to extract air and lower the boiling point of our chemical compounds, resulting in a distillation process that is more delicate and precise.

Our final product is light, smooth, and incredibly easy to drink. At our distillery, we’re passionate about creating the very best gin in the world. And with The Artisan, we’ve achieved just that.